GK Scott Used Rolex Watches

Posted by - Admin / December 24th, 2009

GK Scott is one of the world’s leading suppliers of used Rolexes that are painstakingly restored back to the condition they were in when they first left the factory. To ensure that this is the case with all watches they sell, GK Scott utilises a team of professional, highly skilled watch smiths that have extensive experience of fixing Rolexes and are armed with tools that have been created especially for that purpose. You can even enjoy the most competitive prices on some of the latest and most highly sought after Rolex models.

Regularly refreshed stock includes Rolex watches for men and Rolex watches for women and some of the most desirable and high quality Rolexes, such as the Rolex President and the Rolex Daytona, can be bought for considerably less than they cost brand new. Every Rolex purchase from GK Scott is independently assessed and certified, and every one includes a 100% 7 day full money back guarantee as well as a 2 year warranty.

As well as a network of quality suppliers and a team of watch smith professionals, GK Scott also offers an advanced online shopping facility to showcase their work and if you know you want a Rolex but aren’t sure of the model or configuration then you can contact a member of the friendly customer support team to seek their advice and guidance. GK Scott is already responsible for putting high quality, used Rolexes on the wrists of many satisfied customers and you could be next with just a few clicks of your mouse.

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